Truth Entrygard

Truth Entrygard Dual Arm
Use the table below for the Truth Entrygard Dual Arm Operators

Link Length-"A" Link Off-set Part #
2-7/8" Off-Set Up Wi1515
2-7/8" Off-Set Down NA
3-3/4" Off-Set Up Wi1516
3-3/4" Off-Set Down Wi1520
4-7/16" Off-Set Up Wi1510
4-7/16" Off-Set Down Wi1561

Truth has been manufacturing some of the best window operators and accessories on the market since their beginnings over 60 years ago. The Truth line of EntryGard operators and parts combine a heavy-duty design with state-of-the-art electronics to ensure the safe and stable operation of your windows. 

EntryGard by the Truth brand (commonly misspelled as Entry Guard by Truth) has been a trusted and reliable window hardware and accessories line for years. We distribute a wide range of EntryGard by Truth operators and parts for you to choose from that you can easily order from us online. 

On some window operators in the EntryGard by Truth line, you will find specific numbers that have been stamped on the housings and arms. You can use these numbers to narrow down your search for which EntryGard by Truth window operator you currently have. Let us know what numbers are stamped on your EntryGard Truth operators so that we can make an educated guess as to which style of operator you have. 

If you are still not sure about which EntryGard by Truth operator you need to replace or buy parts for, you can always email us pictures of your operator to so that we can help you to determine the correct piece of hardware you will need.

EntryGard Truth Operators

The EntryGard line by Truth consists of a handful of unique window operator styles. This includes dual arm, split arm, dyad, stainless steel, left-handed, right-handed and other styles of EntryGard Truth operators.

One common operator that we carry is the Truth EntryGard 20810 Operator. If you’re having trouble determining whether you need to replace your Truth EntryGard 20810, we can help. This is a dual arm device that will have 20810 stamped on its linkage arm. This device requires you to choose a hand, left or right.

We also carry the Truth EntryGard 20810 Dyad Operator. If you would like to figure out whether you have a Truth EntryGard 20810 in place, you will want to check the linkage arm, gear and base. 

The linkage arm for the Truth EntryGard 20810 will be stamped with 20810A. The gear for the Truth EntryGard 20810 will be stamped with 31367L and the base will be stamped with the number 45108. For this device, you will also need to choose a hand.

As far as 20810, we also have the EntryGard Operator Offset Down 20810 or 20544. If you need to find out whether this is an operator you need to replace, look for those two numbers that will be stamped on the linkage arm. You will need to use a left-hand operator if your window lock is on the left side, and vice versa. 

We have many other operator options that we keep regularly stocked such as the EntryGard Operator 20544, the EntryGard Operator 20748, the EntryGard Operator In Stainless Steel, the EntryGard Operator 20755 and more. Please see our below list of relevant hardware for EntryGard by Truth operators.

EntryGard Truth Window Hardware

While inspecting your windows, you might find that you need to replace certain parts on your EntryGard Truth operators. We distribute numerous EntryGard Truth parts such as handles, covers and brackets.

Handle options for EntryGard include EntryGard Cover and Handle or the EntryGard Flip and Fold Handle 12905. As with the operators, we can always help you to figure out which handle or other EntryGard hardware is best suited for the repair that you need to make. 

Whether you are making a decision to purchase a bracket, a handle, a cover or a roller track, we’ve got you covered. Finding the right part will be a crucial factor to whether it can be installed properly and to how your device operates over time.

One cover that we carry by itself is the EntryGard 10341 Cover. This plastic cover is made to fit all operators from the EntryGard line. It comes in beige, white, gold, coppertone, clay or bronze.

We carry several styles of EntryGard brackets, so be sure that you understand which type you require before placing your order. The brackets that we supply differ in handing and which operator they will be attached to. It’s important to know which hand will work and which operator you have in order to settle on which bracket you will require to make your repairs.

Another popular EntryGard part that we carry is a detach clip. These detach clips can be used as replacement clips for hinges and operators that were manufactured by the Truth brand. The EntryGard detach clips we distribute are the EntryGard Detach Clip 30591 and the 30385 Detach Clip.

Contact EntryGard Truth Suppliers

Don’t be hesitant to reach out to our experts if you have any inquiries when purchasing EntryGard Truth window operators and parts from our web store. We want you to receive the best EntryGard hardware for your project, and asking us any questions you have will be key to satisfaction with your order.

Allow us to provide you with helpful tips and guidance by calling 1 (800) 642-2403 or emailing to receive professional assistance with your EntryGard order. Minus weekends, we are available during the week between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. We hope that you are 100 percent satisfied with the EntryGard items that are shipped to you.

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    Truth Window Operator 6" / Truth 15.39 Single Arm Window Operator.

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    Bronze, white or gold only.

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