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Skylight Hardware

Sky Light Hardware

There’s more than 50 years of tradition behind the work that Truth puts into its home window parts and accessories and that includes Truth skylight hardware. Truth provides customers worldwide with excellent solutions for any home skylight window and this includes a large selection of Truth window operators. Installing the proper Truth skylight operators and other related hardware will ensure that the skylight in your home is well maintained and equipped. 

Home Window Repair has dedicated itself to providing all the best skylight window hardware options for our customers. That’s why we stock a full range of Truth skylight hardware for our customers to choose from. 

We like to make sure that our customers have a lot of high-quality options when they need to order Truth skylight hardware and Truth skylight operators from our site. Take a look through the Truth skylight hardware products that we have available for you to make a selection from.

Buy Truth Skylight Operators Online

We have two available options for Truth skylight operators in our selection. These are the Truth Skylight Operator Angle Drive 42.65 and the Truth Skylight Operator Straight Drive 42.75. For colors, you can select either bronze or white depending on what you like. 

Both of these Truth skylight operators can be installed on skylights with metal, vinyl or wood frames. The components of these Truth skylight operators are made from different materials including zinc die cast and steel. If you are unsure of whether you require a straight drive or an angle drive, let us know your skylight details so that we can help you figure it out.

Please visit the product pages for each of these Truth skylight operators if you would like to view a picture and diagram of the product. We also have parts for Truth skylight operators that you can purchase from our web store. See below for more details about our Truth skylight hardware for Truth skylight operators.

Get Your Truth Skylight Hardware Here

One part we carry for the Truth skylight operators is the 30742 Manual Truth Skylight Operator Gear. This is an essential part for Truth skylight operators, so being able to conveniently purchase it from us will come in handy if you ever need to replace it. 

We have a handful of other parts that you may need to replace on your Truth skylight operator. This includes the Manual Truth Skylight Operator Replacement Chain 11537. This is another essential Truth skylight operator part that you may need to replace over time. This Truth skylight operator part has ten links and measures 14 inches long.

We also have the Truth Skylight Hex Adaptor 30662 that will work with both of the Truth skylight operators that we carry. This important piece of Truth skylight hardware comes in either bronze or white. 

Other products in our selection that will work with both of the Truth skylight operators that we carry include the Truth Eyelet Adaptor 31000, the Truth 10453 Replacement Hook Adapter, the Truth 2 Inch Crank Extension 40096 and the Truth 4 Inch Crank Extension 40097.

The Crank Extension 40096 and the Crank Extension 40097 can be used to provide clearance from the window sill for a few Truth skylight operator components. These components are the hex adaptors, hook adaptors and handle cranks. 

The Crank Extension 40096 is 2 inches long and the Crank Extension 40097 is 4 inches long. Please select a color, white or bronze, when purchasing one of these crank extensions.

Another important piece of Truth skylight hardware that we supply is the Truth Skylight Telescoping Pole 10637 And 10638. For this part, you can select either one with a hex ball drive or one with a hook adaptor from the dropdown menu when ordering. The Telescoping Pole 10637 comes with the hex drive and the Telescoping Pole 10638 comes with the hook drive. These 6-foot-long poles can stretch to 10 feet long and they are made from anodized aluminum.

Having a skylight from any brand including Truth means sometimes having to make necessary repairs to the skylight itself or to its Truth skylight operator. We have a lot more Truth skylight hardware for Truth skylight operators that we keep regularly stocked in our warehouse. Make sure you take a peek at the rest of the items we have ready to be shipped out.

Truth Skylight Hardware Purchases

Do you have questions about which Truth skylight operator or other Truth skylight hardware you will need to order? If so, please contact a staff member in our office so that we can help. Our professionals are equipped with the experience and know-how to get you the Truth skylight operator that is right for you.

We have been in the home and commercial window business for almost 50 years and have gained solid knowledge about the industry along the way. Our staff experts are always ready to share what they know with our customers about Truth skylight operators and Truth skylight hardware. With the help of our expert advice, you will receive the right Truth skylight operator or Truth skylight hardware for your window repair project.

Feel free to connect with us via phone or email to give us the details of your inquiries. We are at the office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday which is the perfect time to give us a call. You can either call 1 (800) 642-2403 or send an email to

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