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Fenestra is a globally recognized window repair company with years of industry experience. Fenestra casement window operators are made from quality parts and have a proven history of being able to perform their functions on windows for long periods of time. Besides operators, this widely recognized manufacturer also produces a whole line of other replacement Fenestra window hardware.

Home Window Repair has dedicated itself to supplying the United States with quality window operators for customers’ needs since 1970. We offer a full set of Fenestra casement window operators and Fenestra window hardware for the repair and maintenance of your home’s windows. Shop Fenestra here for Fenestra casement window operators and Fenestra window hardware if you’re looking for high-quality, long-term solutions for your windows.

We ship commercial hardware within the United States and to Canada, whether it be Fenestra window hardware or Fenestra casement window operators. We normally keep Fenestra window hardware in stock at our Michigan warehouse which means if you place your order on a weekday, we will ship it out the day you ordered.

Fenestra Casement Window Operators

You will want to know the features before committing to a specific Fenestra casement window operator. We have three styles of Fenestra casement window operators to choose from. With each of these you can select either right or left-handed. We will include mounting screws and handles in the package.

The Fenestra Operator 4-¼ Inch was first manufactured in 1930 and was used on windows up until 1970. This Fenestra casement window operator was originally made of cast bronze. The body of this product is now produced in die cast metal and the arm is made of steel.

The second Fenestra operator that we carry is the Fenestra Operator 3-¼ Inch. This Fenestra casement window operator is an exact copy of an operator that Fenestra produced from the 1920's up until the 1950's. This is a Fenestra casement window operator that is constructed of powder-coated die cast metal. 

The third operator option we provide is the Fenestra Operator 5-¼ Inch. This Fenestra casement window operator is also made from die cast metal. Its arm is made from steel. 

Your Fenestra casement window operator will sometimes require replacement Fenestra window hardware for repairs. See below for some available options that we have.

Fenestra Window Hardware

We have listed some details about the Fenestra window parts that we carry in case you need help determining which part you need to order. If you are still stuck after reading the product details we have provided, please reach out to us so that we can help complete your order with the right Fenestra window parts.

One type of Fenestra window hardware that we carry is the Fenestra Single Hole Cam Handle. We carry this particular Fenestra window hardware in a brushed bronze color. The handle itself is made out of a durable cast red bronze material.  

This Fenestra window hardware made its way into the window world in the 1920's and remained a common Fenestra window part until it stopped being manufactured in the 1960's. This Fenestra window hardware can be used on certain casement windows with steel frames. Don’t forget to select the correct hand, left or right, when ordering this Fenestra window hardware.

Next, we have the Fenestra Casement Handle In Steel. You can’t go wrong with this Fenestra window part that is constructed of a very durable stamped steel. This is another style of Fenestra window hardware that should be installed on windows that were made by Fenestra that have steel frames. This Fenestra window hardware also comes in left-handed and right-handed versions, so be sure you know which hand you will be working with for your window repair.

Another handle that we carry is the Fenestra Window Handle 2-⅝ Inch. This Fenestra window hardware was often seen in the 1950’s on the windows that were made by Fenestra back then. To determine whether this is the Fenestra window hardware that needs to be replaced, look for Fenestra and 2845 that will be typically marked on the product.  

This Fenestra window part has a sleek finish of brushed nickel and is made out of cast white bronze material. Make a selection between the left-handed and right-handed versions we offer for this Fenestra window hardware. We can help you figure out whether you need to order left or right.

Ordering Fenestra Window Parts

Ordering the most adequate Fenestra window hardware for a smooth window repair process will require some understanding about which Fenestra window parts and Fenestra casement window operators you currently have set up. If you find that you are unsure about which Fenestra window hardware will work best for your particular repairs, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Our seasoned Fenestra window hardware professionals will be able to lend a hand with determining the right Fenestra window parts for your home window restoration.

Make your home window improvements count with the help of our trusted and experienced industry experts. It’s important to us that our customers can order the most well-suited product for their windows online with ease and convenience, and without the added hassle of making a return or exchange. We want you to be able to simply check out your products with no trouble and that sometimes means sending us inquiries for help with ordering.

You can get ahold of us by calling our office or by emailing us with the questions that you had in mind. Call 1 (800) 642-2403 and one of our representatives will provide you with professional advice on which products to purchase. Your other option is to send an email to GregJ@robertbrooke.com and we will be in contact with you with our expert answers as soon as we can.

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  1. Fenestra Single Hole Cam Handle

    The Fenestra Single Hole Cam Handle is only available in the brushed bronze finish, the window handle is constructed of cast red bronze.  This handle was very popular in the 1920's up to the 1960's on their steel framed casement windows. The right hand version is shown in the picture.

    As low as $56.45
  2. Fenestra Window Handle Steel

    Fenestra Windows Casement Handle

    Stamped steel construction, 2-5/8" center to center mounting holes

    Used on steel framed Fenestra Windows

    Right Hand Shown in Picture

    As low as $43.24
  3. Fenestra Window Handle-2-5/8"

    The Fenestra Casement Handle is very common on Fenestra Windows made in the 1950's.  Common markings on this handle are 2845 and Fenestra.  The handle has a 2-5/8" center to center dimension on the mounting holes, with a 9/16" lock up.  Cast white bronze construction with a brushed nickel finish.

    Right hand shown

    As low as $86.63
  4. Fenestra Window Operator 4-1/4"

    The Fenestra Window Operator 4-1/4" was used between 1930 to 1970.  The operator features die cast metal construction with a steel arm.   The original version was made of cast bronze, which in today's market would be cost prohibitive.  This unit ships with handle and mounting screws.

    Right Hand Operator shown in picture.

    Handing Diagram

    Left Hand Window
    Right Hand Window


    As low as $30.48
  5. Fenestra Window Operator 3-1/4"

    The Fenestra Window Operator 3-1/4" is a replica of a version made in the 1920's to 1950's. This version is made of a die cast material, that is then powder coated in an aluminum finish. If you want bronze color, your best bet is to purchase some bronze spray paint and paint them. Ships with mounting screws and handle.

    Left hand shown in picture

    Handing Diagram

    Left Hand Window
    Right Hand Window

    As low as $40.74
  6. Fenestra Window Operator 5-1/4"

    Fenestra Window Operator 5-1/4

    The arm is 9" long and the outside screw spacing is 5-1/4". The inside threaded holes are 4-1/4" apart. Die cast construction with steel arm. Ships with handle and mounting screws.

    Handing Diagram

    Left Hand Window
    Right Hand Window

    As low as $44.50
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