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Casement Crank Handles

Since 1970, Home Window Repair has been supplying homes and commercial businesses across the nation with top-notch casement window crank replacement parts and accessories. We make sure that our customers can keep their windows in the best possible condition with durable casement window crank handles plus other window parts and accessories of all kinds. 

At Home Window Repair, you can find casement window crank replacement handles to fit all the windows in your home or building. We also have a whole supply of other casement window hardware and replacement parts in our inventory including covers, extensions and more. Having these parts gives our customers the peace of mind knowing that they have a reliable parts supplier to count on when they have a casement window crank repair project ahead of them. 

It’s always best to rely on help from experts if you are having trouble determining the type of casement window crank replacement product you need for your window repairs, whether it be casement window crank handle folding hardware or another type of crank handle that we distribute. That’s why we are here to assist you if you ever come across something you don’t fully understand about any casement window crank replacement product in our current inventory. 

For more information on casement window crank replacement handles and other window parts, give us a call today so that we can provide you with helpful product details.

Order Casement Window Crank Handles

Our selection of replacement crank handles for windows includes both packages that come with handles and covers and packages that come with just the handle itself. We also carry casement window crank replacement handles from different brands including both Truth window crank handles and Pella window crank handles. 

The Truth Contour Window Crank 11454 is one example of a casement window crank replacement handle that we sell that doesn’t come with a cover. This casement window crank replacement handle can be installed properly on Truth brand operators that were produced after 1978. This type of crank handle also can be easily installed with its snap-on clip. You have the choice of six different colors for this contour casement window crank handle.

There is also the Pella Operator Crank Handle which can be installed on all Pella operators from any time period making it a popular Pella casement window crank handle option. This Pella casement crank handle has three colors that you can select from.

One option that we have for handle and cover sets is the Truth EntryGard Cover and Handle. This casement window crank replacement set comes with both the Truth brand’s 11454 Handle and the Truth brand’s 10341 Cover. See the color chart on the product page to view the six different color options for this casement window crank replacement set.

Another type of crank handle hardware that we sell is the folding crank handle for windows. The Truth 11329 Folding Crank Handle, for example, is one that can be used on Truth brand crank operators. It consists of both plastic and die cast metal in its construction. With this casement window crank handle folding hardware, you can make a selection from eight colors.

We also have a few other options for casement window crank replacement handles. This includes spline crank handles and T crank casement window handles. We also distribute the Truth Round Window Handle 30645 in gold, white or bronze.

Window Crank Handle Extensions

It shouldn’t take too long for you to browse our supply of casement window crank extensions. We carry two styles of crank extensions for windows, both of which are manufactured by Truth.

The first item is the Truth 2-Inch Crank Extension 40096. This is basically an add-on to the handle itself to create more space between the handle and the window sill. You can select either bronze or white for your Truth 2-Inch Crank Extension 40096.

The second extension item we have is the Truth 4-Inch Crank Extension 40097. This item will also create space between the handle and the window sill, however this one is four inches long as opposed to two. The same colors are offered for this extension, bronze and white.

Casement Window Crank Replacement Covers

We offer a few different casement cover styles that could each potentially be a great fit for your window handles. Be sure to browse our casement cover options to determine whether you need a cover for your window renovations and which style will be best suited for your handle.

One cover that we distribute is the Truth Entrygard 10341 Cover. This plastic cover can be installed on and can properly function with all operators from the Truth EntryGard line. You can select from six colors with this particular casement window hardware part.

Another cover that we offer is the Pella Cover in white coloring. These casement window crank parts come either right-handed or left-handed. You will have to know whether the part you are replacing is a left-handed or right-handed cover in order to choose the hand when ordering this specific item. 

We also supply another Casement Cover By Pella that has some different features. For this particular casement cover you have four options. You can select right-handed with champagne coloring, left-handed with champagne coloring, right-handed with white coloring or left-handed with white coloring. We hope with these options you are able to choose a color to your liking that matches the rest of your window. 

Casement Window Crank Handle Suppliers

Do you plan to order a casement crank folding handle, a Pella crank handle, a Truth casement window crank, a T crank window handle, a casement window crank handle extension or any other casement window crank replacement hardware from our web store? We can help you understand the difference between all of these casement window crank replacement products so that it is easy for you to identify the exact part it is that you need to replace.  

You can put your trust in our 50 years of experience to help lead you to the best casement window crank replacement products for your home or commercial window repair task. If you discover that you have some questions about any of the crank handles or the other casement window crank replacement hardware that we carry, let us know and we will help accordingly. 

To reach us, you can either call our main phone at 1 (800) 642-2403 or write us an email and send it to Please know that we are happy to give you help with window crank handle repair hardware in any way that we can. By contacting our window hardware professionals, you can have confidence knowing that you will receive the best casement window crank replacement products to fit your precise window repair needs.

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