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Make repairing your locks and maintaining your windows easy by ordering from Home Window Repair. We carry a full range of window sweep locks that are sure to fit the windows of your home. For a wide assortment of first-rate window sweep locks, you can browse our site and conveniently order online as needed.

Since 1970, we’ve been making it a simple process for our customers across the U.S. to efficiently maintain the windows in their homes. We provide an online platform where customers can order the window sweep locks and window sweep lock replacement parts that they need access to and have them shipped to their home or office. Many of the window sweep locks and window sweep lock replacement parts that we distribute are made by leading names in the window part manufacturing industry today.

We have been distributing window sweep locks and window sweep lock replacement hardware for almost half a century, so we have a solid understanding of how window sweep latches work and what respectable brands are currently on the market. We are happy to share our knowledge of window sweep locks with customers whenever a question should arise. 

Give us a call today to speak with one of our expert sales coordinators about the window locks you are interested in. We will make sure you get the right window sweep locks the first time you place your order online with us.

Buy Window Sweep Locks Online

Look over our selection of window sweep locks and window sweep latches before settling on a product. You may find a lock or latch that you initially overlooked. Our selection of window sweep locks includes several unique lock styles plus products that were manufactured by Truth, Acorn, NuPrime and Ives.

One of the window sweep latches we sell online is the Sweep Latch for Aluminum Windows. This die cast metal window sweep latch is specifically made to be installed on windows that have aluminum frames. Its product page includes a dropdown menu where you can select the left-handed or right-handed version.

Another window sweep latch you may be interested in is the Window Sweep Lock 2-¼ Inches. This window sweep latch can be installed onto double hung windows. You can order it in black, polished chrome or white depending on which color you think is most fitting.

You might find that your window repair requires a Truth brand window sweep lock such as the Truth Window Sweep Lock 17.32. We offer this Truth brand window sweep lock in two colors, bronze or white. It is also commonly referred to as either a Double Hung Window Lock or a Window Cam Lock.

Another window sweep lock manufactured by Truth that we carry is the Truth EntryGard II Window Sweep Lock 17.19. This lock is sometimes called the Truth EntryGard II Snap Back Check Rail Lock. It also comes in white or bronze, and the keeper and screws will be included in the package that is shipped to you.

We also distribute the commonly used Window Sweep Latch ⅞ Inch. This lock is made from die cast metal material and has two versions based on which way you will be installing the item, for left-handed or for right-handed use.

Another lock we have is the Acorn Window Sweep Lock 2-¼ Inches in white. As its name indicates, the screw holes on this lock are spaced 2-¼ inches apart. Like the previously mentioned Truth Lock 17.32, the Acorn 2-¼ Inches Lock is also sometimes called a Double Hung Window Lock. 

Let us know if you would like to know more about the difference between any of these window lock products. We are always happy to share some information with you, especially if it helps with getting you the right window hardware item for the window renovations you are going to be making.

Order Window Sweep Lock Replacement Parts

Are you specifically looking for window sweep lock replacement hardware? If so, then you’re already on the right track to getting what you need. We have a wide assortment of window sweep lock replacement parts that you can order from our web store.

One of these replacement parts is the Ives Window Bar Lift 026. Although this window sweep lock replacement part is constructed of solid brass, you have the option to choose the finish that you like the best. Finishes include polished brass, polished chrome, satin nickel and dark bronze.

Another window sweep lock replacement part we sell is the NuPrime Window Keeper Only. For any of these parts, you can look at the product pages to find more details and a product photo.

Contact Window Sweep Lock Experts

As window sweep lock professionals with decades of experience and knowledge under our belts, we can provide you with valuable assistance when you order your window sweep locks from us. We will make sure that you receive window sweep latches that are best suited to your window lock repair needs. Whether you need a related part or the lock itself, we can easily be of help when you need us to lend a hand.  

Please contact us on our main phone or send an email to GregJ@robertbrooke.com to inform us of your sweep window lock inquiries. We will promptly respond to all incoming inquiries depending on our availability.  

Our window lock hardware experts are reachable between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except on weekends. When you call or email us during our available times, we will respond with tips and advice about ordering window locks as soon as possible. Connect with one of our professional team members today so that you can soon be on your way to successful repairs and maintenance of the windows in your home.

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  1. Truth Sweep Lock 17.32

    Truth 17.32 Sweep Latch

    This Truth Trimline Cam Lock features a 2-1/16" hole spacing, and the distance from the center of the screw hole and the lock face is 3/8". This sweep lock is also known as a Window Cam Lock, or Double Hung Window Lock.

    Color Chart
    Truth Color Chart

    As low as $12.98
  2. Sweep Latch for Aluminum Windows

    Sweep Lock for Aluminum Windows

    Made die cast metal, unfinished. Lock measures 1-5/8" x 15/16" x 3/8" projection. Available in left and right versions, the Right Hand version is shown in the picture. This lock is found on aluminum framed windows. Ships with Latch and Nylon Bushing, the screw is not included.

    As low as $5.37
  3. Window Sweep Lock 2-1/4"

    Sweep Lock 2-1/4"

    Generic sweep latch, used on double hung windows. Also known as a Window Lock, or Double Hung Window Lock. Available in White, Black and Polished Chrome.

    Shown in Black

    As low as $5.23
  4. Acorn Window Lock 2-1/4"

    Acorn Sweep Lock 2-1/4"

    This sweep latch has a hole spaceing of 2-1/4" between screws. Also known as a Window Lock or Double Hung Window Lock. Acorn Sweep Lock.

    White only

  5. NuPrime Window Sweep Lock 1-1/4"

    The NuPrime Window Sweep Lock  1-1/4" is made of chrome plated die cast material. The hole spacing on this window lock is 1-1/4".  On this sweep latch we find the numbers D209812, D123,676, and Patent Nos. 3,449,862.  We also find NUPRiME by Season-All.

  6. Ives Window Lock 07

    The Ives Window Lock 07 are made of solid brass and plated to your desired finish.   We are offering them in Brushed Brass, Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome and Brushed Chrome.  The base is 15/16" x 2-9/16", and the Strike is 5/8" x 2-9/16" with both have a center to center screw spacing of 1-15/16".

    Ives Part # 07

    As low as $17.49
  7. Ives Window Bar Lift 026

    Ives Window Bar Lift 026

    Made out of Solid Brass and plated to your selected finish.  Base is 1-1/8" high by 4" wide, with a projection of 1-1/16"

    Ives Part # 026B

    As low as $11.60
  8. Window Sweep Lock 7/8"

    Window Sweep Lock 7/8"

    This Window Sweep Lock has a hole spacing of 7/8".  The base measures 1/2" x 1-1/2", and is constructed of die cast metal

    As low as $3.83
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