Truth Entrygard Dual Arm Operator Information

The purpose of this page is to help you identify which Truth Entrygard Dual Arm Operator you should order, in order to ensure everything goes back together properly. We find many numbers on these operators, here are just a few of them, 31538, 31539, 30841, 30842, 30472, 30470, 20748, 20755, 20810, or 20544. The number that tells us the most is the number that starts with a 2xxxx. This number is the Linkage Arm, that is attached to the bracket on the hinge side of the window.

The picture below shows a Linkage Arm, it measures 3-3/4", is offset up and is used on a Left Hand Operator.

Truth Entrygard Dual Arm Operator Linkage Arm Length

The table below shows the linkage arm measurements and the number found on them.

Linkage LengthOffsetCommon NumbersModel To Use
2-7/8"Down Not Available
3-3/4"Down20755 on bottomWi1520
4-7/16"Up20810 or 20544Wi1510


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