You can conveniently order your window sash lock keepers and tie bar guides right here online with Home Window Repair. We provide a way to easily purchase window sash lock keepers and other window hardware online from the comfort of your home or office. Our goal is to give our customers a quick source that they can come back to whenever they are in need of replacement window keepers and other hardware for home windows.  

We are proud to say that we have been supplying homes with window sash lock keepers for 50 years now. Because we are a reputable name in the window hardware distributors business, you can rely on the parts that we supply for our customers. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to gain the know-how and understanding of the products that we sell online. We are highly equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to provide our customers with the best window sash lock keepers for their homes. 

Aside from window sash lock keepers, we also keep other relevant window parts such as plastic tie bar guides in our inventory. Whether your window requires a replacement window keeper or a new tie bar guide, we have an array of high-quality parts to choose from.

We offer information about window sash lock keepers and tie bar guides below and on their product pages. You can click on a Window Keeper Image below in order to get to the item’s product page. There, you will find more specific details about the window keeper or tie bar guide you have selected.

If you still have questions after you’ve read about the window sash lock keeper or tie bar guide, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We want to make this an easy purchase decision for you, so you are always welcome to connect with us should questions arise during your search.

Shipping Window Sash Lock Keepers

Most of the time, we will keep our window sash lock keepers in stock. There may be times when our window sash lock keepers and tie guide bars, however, will have a Lead Time. 

Items with a Lead Time of days or weeks will take longer to ship because we do not currently have them available in our warehouse. The Lead Time on the product page, for instance, might be 1 to 2 Days. This means that it will take one to two extra days to ship because the product will be coming straight from the manufacturer factory, not our warehouse.

Window Keepers For Truth Sash Locks

The window sash lock keepers that we carry are manufactured by Truth Hardware. There are five styles of window sash lock keepers that we distribute. These parts vary in size, shape and handing, so you will want to know the best product option for you before you make your purchase. 

We have the Truth 41269 Right-Hand Window Sash Lock Keeper, a right-handed window sash keeper with 1-⅜ inch hole spacing. We also have the Truth 41268 Left-Hand Window Sash Lock Keeper which is the left-handed version of the aforementioned product with the same size hole spacing. These casement window keepers can be used with the 16.52 Casement Sash Lock.

We also carry the Truth 30827 Window Sash Lock Keeper, the Truth Window Lock Keeper 31344 and the Truth Window Lock Keeper 31345. The 30827 can be used with either the Truth 16.27 or the Truth 16.30 Sash Lock. This casement window lock keeper is made from steel.

The 31344 is the standard window keeper and the 31345 is the offset window keeper. These window sash lock keepers can be used with either the Truth 16.18 or the Truth 16.19 Sash Lock. Both of these items are made from steel.

Window Keeper Parts

Our supply of window keeper parts consists of a handful of plastic tie bar guides. If your window has more than one sash lock installed on it, then these tie bar guides will come in handy. Each of the tie bar guides that we distribute is manufactured by Truth Hardware. Tie bar guides are used on the rods of windows to keep them in place. 

You can choose from the Truth 41157 Plastic Tie Bar Guide, the Truth 45141 Plastic Tie Bar Guide and the Truth 45145 Plastic Tie Bar Guide. Each of these is made out of a plastic or nylon material.

Ordering Window Sash Lock Keepers

Have you decided to order a window sash lock keeper from us? Have you found the best window sash lock keeper to use for your repairs? Feel free to place your order at any time and we will get started on shipping out your window sash lock keepers as soon as possible. If the item is in stock at our warehouse and you put in your order on a weekday, then we will usually ship it on the same day that you ordered.

Are you struggling to find the right window sash lock keeper for your window repair? Are you coming up with questions that you want answered before committing to an online purchase? Our professional team members are here Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to offer their assistance. Please call our main phone at 1 (800) 642-2403 or email in order to receive prompt assistance with ordering window sash lock keepers from us.

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