We are dedicated to providing the best options for residential window locks and latches to customers across the nation. That’s why we stock a full range of window locks and latches that you can feel free to choose from. We carry window locks and latches that were manufactured by top name brands in the residential window repair industry. 

Home Window Repair is your one-stop-shop for all window locks and window latches. For more than 45 years we’ve been a go-to destination for residential customers who want to keep their windows in top condition. We hope that ordering your window locks and latches online will be a breeze with the convenience of our online hardware store.

Call our expert sales team today to get started on your window lock or window latch order. Our team of window hardware professionals is available to assist you during regular business hours Monday through Friday. If you come up with any latch or window lock questions, please call us so that we can help.

We ship window locks and latches within the United States and in Canada. We have many window locks and window security latches in stock and will ship these on the same day of your order. If you notice that your window security lock or latch has a lead time, then it will take a little bit longer to ship out.

Our Supply Of Window Locks

Our supply of window safety locks includes sash window locks, sweep window locks and more. We carry window locks from a few different reputable window hardware manufacturers including Ives, NuPrime, Acorn and Truth. You can trust that we only supply high-quality window locks that have proven to be durable time and time again.

One sash window lock that we distribute is the Roto Casement Sash Lock. This sash window lock comes in white. You can look at our product description to see the dimensions on this particular sash window lock. Please see our product descriptions for each window product to get more information.

One of the sweep window latch locks that we sell is the NuPrime Sweep Lock  1-¼ Inch. This sweep lock is made of die cast metal that is chrome plated. This is a very common material that is often used to make certain types of window hardware.

We also have window handle locks in our selection. The GU Multi-Point Locking Handle is one example. This handle has both plastic and die cast metal components, and it comes in white.

Another popular window lock that we carry is the Ives Window Lock 07. While these are constructed of solid brass, you have the option to choose from four different finishes. Select from satin nickel, brushed chrome, brushed brass or polished chrome.

Our Window Latches Selection

Our selection of latches includes various styles of spring latches. The Transom Window Spring Latch 1-7/16 Inch, for example, is one spring loaded window latch that we carry. This latch has a brushed nickel finish and is constructed of cast white bronze.

Other spring latches that we supply include the Transom Window Spring Latch 1-⅜ Inch Outswinging and the Window Spring Latch 1-⅜ Inch Inswinging. Both of these spring latches can be installed on older styles of transom windows. These white bronze latches have a brushed nickel-plated finish.

If you are uncertain of the latch or window lock you need, browse the rest of our latches and window locks in case there is something that you missed. We have plenty in stock that we can quickly ship out which means that you can hopefully skip the trip to your local hardware store. 

Window Lock Replacement Parts

Along with the latches and window locks that we distribute, we also sell an assortment of window lock parts and window latch replacement parts. This includes plastic tie bar guides, window lock keepers, bar lifts and more. Provided below are brief descriptions of some of these parts for window locks. 

We sell a few styles of plastic tie bar guides for windows that have more than one sash lock in place. We carry the Truth 45141 Plastic Tie Bar Guide, the Truth 41157 Plastic Tie Bar Guide and the Truth 45145 Plastic Tie Bar Guide. Each of these plastic tie bar guide products has its own unique shape, so you will want to determine the shape you need before you put in your order.

We carry a few types of lock keepers including the NuPrime Window Keeper Only, the Truth Lock Keeper 31345 and more from the Truth brand. Make sure that you look at the product features before ordering so that you select the right product. Product features of some lock keepers that we carry include right-handed or left-handed.

A popular bar lift that we distribute is the Ives Window Bar Lift 026. This bar lift is constructed of solid brass. You can choose your preferred finish whether it be satin nickel, polished chrome, dark bronze or polished brass.

You may discover that you are not quite sure which part it is that is needed. Please let us know if you are having a hard time figuring out which window lock or window latch parts you require for repairs. We will gladly help answer your pertinent questions.

Buy Window Locks Online

With almost 50 years of experience in the window security lock industry, our professionals have what it takes to provide our customers with useful tips when purchasing window locks. As window repair part experts, we can get you on your way to ordering the best hardware for your home window repairs. 

Please contact our office if you would like assistance with your window hardware order. We can be reached on our main phone at 1 (800) 642-2403 or by email at

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask your important questions. It is our mission that all of our customers be completely satisfied with their orders each time they make a purchase from Home Window Repair. 

By connecting with our experts, you will have the opportunity to chat about the parts that you need to replace. Then you will be able to make an informed decision about the latches and window locks you will need to order. Contact us today so that we can quickly get started.

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  1. Truth Window Lock 24.31

    Truth Window Lock 24.31

    Truth casement window lock 24.31.  The hole spacing is 3-13/16" and the "Fork" projects out  1-7/8".   Housing is made of die cast metal that is then powder coated.

    Truth Part # 24.31.xx.004

    As low as $24.08
  2. Truth Window Lock 16.18


    Truth 16.18 Sash Lock.

    Dimensions: 2-3/4" x 2-1/4" x 1"
    2" between holes

    #45098, 40242, 30386 and 31300 are sometimes found stamped inside the housing

    Color Chart
    Truth Color Chart

    As low as $20.64
  3. Truth Window Handle 24.25

    The Truth Window Handle 24.25 is one of the more popular window handles.  On the older version the handle was plastic toward the end of the handle, and it would break off.  The new version is metal all the way to the end.  It has 2-1/2" on center mounting screws, and the mounting plate is 2-7/8" long x 5/8" wide.  This Truth Casement Window Handle sometimes has the number 45200 or 45268 cast into it. And U.S. Patent Number 4.674.777.  See the exact measurements in the "More Views" window.

    Color Chart
    Truth Color Chart

    As low as $20.31
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