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Home Window Repair has been supplying homes across the nation with top-notch window parts and accessories for 50 years. We specialize in making sure that our customers have a wide variety of window hardware to choose from. That’s why we carry a full assortment of window keepers and window strikes that you can use for repairs in your home. 

You can easily keep your windows well maintained and in great condition with window keepers and window strikes from Home Window Repair. It’s up to you to begin your search for the best casement window keepers and window strikes for the job. Though you can quickly find information on these items on their product pages, our experts can always offer you help along the way should you come across something you don’t understand about any particular window keeper or strike that we carry.

Call us today on our main phone to speak with one of our experienced sales consultants about the window keepers and strikes that we supply. We are at the office every weekday during business hours and we are eager to be of help with your window keeper and strike orders. 

Our Supply Of Window Keepers

Check out the selection of window keepers that we keep regularly stocked at our warehouse in Troy, Michigan. Window keepers are popular parts that we like to have on hand so that customers can conveniently have them shipped to their home or office for quick use.

The window keepers that we carry may differ in hole spacing size, material and shape. For instance, we have a few that are made of cast white bronze material and one that is constructed of stamped aluminum material. Some window keepers feature a 1-½ inch hole spacing, some have a 1-⅜ inch hole spacing, and some have a 2-5/16 inch hole spacing.

The Casement Handle Window Keeper Double Side is made of stamped aluminum with a 2-5/16 inch hole spacing. The other window keepers that we sell are made of cast white bronze material. For example, the Window Keeper 1-½ Inch Hole Spacing has a cast white bronze body with a nickel plated finish. Along with its 1-½ inch hole spacing, this window keeper also has a 11/16 inch lock up dimension. The Window Keeper-1-⅜ Inch Hole Spacing, on the other hand, has a 1-⅜ inch hole spacing and a 11/32 inch lock up dimension. 

We also distribute the Window Keeper 11/32 Inch High 1-⅜ Inch Hole Spacing and the Window Keeper 7/32 Inch High 1-⅜ Inch Hole Spacing. The first of these two products has a hole spacing of 1-⅜ inches and a 11/32 inch high lip. The second window keeper has a hole spacing of 1-⅜ inches and a 7/32 inch high lip.

If you find yourself with any trouble deciding on which of these casement window keepers is the right fit for you, make sure you reach out to us. We will help you find the best suited replacement window keeper to fit your exact needs.

Window Strike Solutions

Don’t forget about our extensive selection of window strikes. The strikes that we distribute come in different shapes, sizes and styles, so be sure that you select the correct one to order. 

One casement strike that we offer is the Truth Casement Handle Strike 30238. This adjustable strike can be used with certain Truth brand casement window handles. It is 2 inches wide and constructed of stamped steel.

Another type of strike that we sell online is the Window Strike 7/32 Inch Thick Inline. This strike is 7/32 of an inch thick and has a hole spacing of 1-⅜ inches. Its body is constructed of white bronze and it has a nickel plated finish. We carry this type of in line strike in a few sizes. 

We also have the Window Strike 5/16 Inch Thick Offset. This strike is also made of white bronze that is nickel plated, but it is offset as opposed to in line. This particular strike is 5/16 of an inch thick with a 1-⅜ inch hole spacing, but we also carry this type of strike in different sizes.

We also offer strike housings such as the Truth Offset Strike Housing 20237. This housing can be used with the Truth Strike Insert 20231 - .218 Inch Thick, the Truth Strike Insert 20232 - .282 Inch Thick or the Truth Strike Insert 20233 - .344 Inch Thick which we also sell online. The right strike insert will allow you to properly control the lock up height. The finish options that are currently available for the housing are aluminum, white and bronze.

If you would like to gather more information on some of the strikes, strike inserts and strike housings that we distribute, then be sure to take a look at the rest of our page. We have a number of strikes and related hardware for home windows.

Ordering Window Keepers And Casement Strikes

Are you looking to receive assistance with choosing a casement window keeper or strike? Our window keeper professionals are here to help you pick out the best casement window keeper or window strike for your specific renovation requirements. Feel free to contact us when you need assistance with your window keeper or casement strike order.

Our staff can be contacted by phone, email or through Live Chat if you have questions about our window keeper and strike selection. Go ahead and send your questions our way whenever you are available and we will respond as soon as possible with tips and advice on casement window keepers and strikes. We are happy to share our knowledge of window keeper replacement hardware with you. 

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  1. Window Keeper 1-1/2" Hole Spacing

    Window Keeper 1-1/2" Hole Spacing

    1-1/2" Hole spacing x 1/2" wide x 11/16" lock up

    Cast White Bronze construction and nickel plated

  2. Window Keeper-1-3/8" Hole Spacing

    Window Keeper-1-3/8" Hole Spacing

    1-3/8" Hole spacing x 13/32" wide x 11/32" lock up

    Cast White Bronze construction and nickel plated

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