We’re committed to providing the best options for handleless window handles and air conditioner locks to customers across the nation. That’s why we stock a wide range of handleless window handles, handleless window fasteners, and handleless locks at Home Window Repair, making us your one-stop-shop for all of your window repair needs. 

For 50 years now we’ve been a go-to destination for residential customers who want to keep their windows in top condition. We’ve also remained a leading distributor to commercial customers who are looking to receive first-rate window hardware for the buildings they are maintaining. The commercial and residential window hardware that we distribute comes from some of the most well-known and highly regarded manufacturers in the current window parts industry.

Whether you are repairing residential or commercial windows, we most likely will have the window parts to suit your specific needs. Order your air conditioner locks for windows from us today. We will make sure that you receive the best air conditioner locks for your commercial windows. 

Call our expert sales team today to get started on your custodial lock order. We will stop at nothing to make sure that you order the best air conditioner locks possible for the windows in your establishment.

About Air Conditioner Locks For Windows

Air conditioner locks, also known as handleless locks and custodial locks, are usually found in high security buildings. These buildings include hospitals, schools and more.

Air conditioner locks are mostly used when the facility doesn’t want it to be easy to open the windows. They are commonly used in establishments that would like to keep heating and cooling costs low and having the windows closed at all times contributes to that.

Instead of using a handle to open the windows in these high security buildings, certain tools have to be used in order to get them to open. The Handleless Lock Handle is a tool that can be used to open windows in these types of facilities. This handleless fastener tool is non-handed meaning it can be right or left-handed. It has a ⅛ of an inch hex shaft.

We sell an assortment of air conditioner lock products for use in high security buildings. Take a look at our air conditioner lock selection if you think that this is the kind of hardware that your windows require. 

Our Supply Of Air Conditioner Locks

Among the various air conditioner locks we sell is the Truth Handleless Window Lock 28.17. This Truth brand air conditioner lock is constructed of both die cast zinc and steel. It is a non-handed lock that has a powder coated paint aluminum finish. These custodial locks are tamper-proof which is why they are used in high security buildings.

We carry the Truth Handleless Window Lock Key for opening these types of locks. It is a non-handed key. You can turn this key counter-clockwise in order to unlock the air conditioner lock.

Another style of air conditioner lock that we carry is the Window Project In Handleless Lock 1-⅜ Inch. This non-handed air conditioner lock is constructed of cast white bronze and it also has a brushed nickel finish.

We also carry the Window Handleless Lock 1-⅜ Inch. This air conditioner lock is also constructed of cast white bronze and features a brushed nickel finish. The screw spacing for this air conditioner lock is 1-⅜ inch and the lock up dimension is 9/32 of an inch. It is a non-handed custodial lock.

The last product on our list of air conditioner locks is the Window Handleless Fastener 1-⅜ Inch. The screw spacing for this handleless window fastener is 1-⅜ inch and the product is constructed of cast white bronze. It is also non-handed with a brushed nickel finish like some of the other custodial locks that we have.

Are you looking for a particular style of air conditioner lock? Our team can lend a hand in helping you find the best air conditioner lock to suit your specific window repair needs. Take a look at our options and if you have any questions, then feel free to get in touch with us.

Custodial Lock Distributors

We have proudly been supplying a vast assortment of window hardware such as air conditioner locks for half a century. As window part experts, we have a strong grasp on what it takes to get our customers the best air conditioner locks for the task at hand. Our knowledge of the industry will help to ensure that our customers receive the guidance and support that they require while shopping for the right air conditioner lock for the commercial window repairs they are going to be making. 

We hope that you will allow our team of experts to help should you have any inquiries about selecting a custodial lock for the windows in the high security facility you are working on. We can be reached by phone at 1 (800) 642-2403 or by email at GregJ@robertbrooke.com. We also offer a Live Chat option on our website where you can type out your questions and send them to us that way. 

Please inform us of your inquiries so that we can promptly assist you with ordering your new air conditioner lock from our site as soon as one of our representatives is available. We are eager to assist you in choosing the right air conditioner lock to mend your commercial windows.

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  1. Handless Window Handle

    Handless Lock Handle

    Handle with 1/8" hex shaft for use for the handless window locks.

    As low as $20.00
  2. Truth Handless Window Lock 28.17

    Handless Truth Window Lock

    Truth 28.17 Handless Window Lock, die cast and steel construction. Powder coated paint.

    Aluminum only

    As low as $20.73
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