Truth Hardware is an iconic name in the home window parts and accessories industry. Truth window parts and Truth window accessories are durable products that are made from high-quality materials. Truth window hardware parts are some of the most popular solutions on the market today for your home window repair needs. 

Here at Home Window Repair, we only provide hardware such as Truth window parts that have been consistently proven to give our customers high levels of satisfaction. As reputable Truth window parts distributors, we have a wide array of products that you can select. With seven pages of Truth window parts to choose from, you are sure to find the exact Truth window parts that you need for your repair.

Please let us know if you are uncertain of which Truth window parts are best for the task that you are currently working on. We will help you figure out which type of items you will need to purchase whether it be Truth casement window parts, Truth crank window parts, Entry Guard Truth window parts, window parts for a Truth casement crank operator or a different replacement Truth window part for your project.

We’ve been in the industry since 1970, so you can trust the advice and guidance that we provide you with when you require help with your order. We are proud to offer a full range of Truth window parts and accessories, all made by the highly regarded Truth window hardware manufacturer. You can learn more about the Truth window parts manufacturer below. 

Truth Window Replacement Parts Manufacturer

Since their start in 1955, Truth Hardware has been manufacturing hardware for both windows and doors that is made to last. The manufacturer has already produced a vast assortment of Truth window hardware replacement parts and is still creating more. They continue to come up with and bring to life topnotch designs for new and custom-made window hardware. 

Order Truth Window Parts Online

Check out our selection of Truth window repair parts that can be ordered online through our website. Below is a guide to some of the Truth window parts that we sell. 

Truth Operator Window Parts

Truth manufactures several styles of window operators. When ordering with us, you will have the opportunity to choose from many kinds of Truth operators. You can select awning operators, single arm operators, dual arm operators, front mounted operators, rear mounted operators, split arm operators and more. 

Along with the operators themselves, we also distribute a number of Truth window parts to be used with an operator. This includes handles and covers, torsion bars, guide bars, tracks, slide clips and detach clips among other Truth window parts for operators.


Another common part that is often needed for repairs is a bracket. We have an assortment of brackets to choose from, many from the Entry Guard Truth window parts collection. 

Make sure you know which Truth window parts and brackets you need when you place your order. You will probably require a specific bracket and we have many options that you can select from the EntryGard line. This includes the Truth EntryGard 10796 Right Hand Bracket, the Truth Entrygard 10583 Left Hand Bracket and several others.

Aside from brackets from the Truth window parts EntryGard collection, we also carry brackets for other purposes. This includes stud brackets and skylight brackets among others.


Window tracks are another popular item that we carry. Be sure to check out our selection of Roller tracks, Maxim tracks, EntryGard tracks and Slide tracks.

Lock Keepers

We carry five styles of lock keepers that you may need when repairing your home windows. These are the Truth Lock Keeper 31345, the Truth Lock Keeper 31344, the Truth Lock Keeper 30827, the Truth Right Hand Lock Keeper 41269 and the Truth Left Hand Lock Keeper 41268. One important distinction of each of these products to keep your eyes out for is whether it is right handed or left handed.


You will find that many of the operators we carry will be packaged with a matching handle. We also carry handles that are sold separately and handle parts such as handle extensions.

Browse through our various handles before settling on a specific product. We have assorted styles and your current project might require a specific handle. The Truth 30645 Round Window Crank Handle and the Truth T-Handle 11573 are products that can be used on all Truth brand operators, but there are other handles that will only work with certain items.

For example, the Truth Contour Window Crank 11454 is designed to fit Truth brand operators that were developed after 1978. You will not need to use any tools when installing this Truth window part because it is made to snap on to the operator with a clip. Color options include gold, white, beige, clay, bronze and coppertone.

The Truth 12614 and 12616 Encore Handle and Cover is another handle that will only fit certain Truth brand operators. These were designed to be used exclusively with Encore Operators Wi5110 and Wi5010. Select the handing you need, right or left, from the Hand dropdown menu on the product page. 

Skylight Parts

Don’t forget that the Truth window parts we carry include a handful of replacement parts for your skylight. Whether you are looking for an operator-angle drive, an operator-straight drive, a hex adaptor, an operator gear, an insert, a telescoping pole or an operator replacement chain, we have just the Truth window parts for your skylight.

Call Us About Truth Window Parts

We will ship your order of Truth window parts in Canada and across the United States. You can be sure that your order of Truth EntryGard window parts, Truth hardware casement window parts, Truth window crank replacement parts or other Truth window parts will be shipped out as soon as possible. 

Please allow us to answer any questions you have regarding Truth casement window replacement parts and any other hardware that you would like to order from our site. As trusted window repair hardware experts with decades of experience in the window hardware industry, we have the answers to all of your important questions. Give us a call or email us about your Truth window parts order and we will be able to assist you with your inquiries within due time.

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  1. Truth Skylight Telescoping Pole 10637 10638

    Truth Telescoping Pole

    Telescoping Pole with Hex Ball or Hook Drive
    Rigid anodized aluminum poles feature free-turning ABS hand grips.
    6 foot pole extends to 10 feet.

    Truth Part # 10637 Hex Drive
    Truth Part # 10638 Hook Drive

    As low as $128.65
  2. Truth Entrygard Awning Operator 11.42

    Truth Entrygard Awning Operator 11.42

    Numbers usually found on this operator are 31545

    arms measure 12" across when in the closed postition

    Truth part #

  3. Truth Entrygard Operator - Stainless Steel 4-7/16

    Truth Entrygard Dual Arm Window Operator. This operator is the same as the Wi1510, except are arms are made of stainless Steel

    To determine hand of operator, if your sash lock (window lock), is on the left, you would use a left hand operator. And if your sash lock is on the right, you would order the right hand operator.

    Common numbers found on this operator are 30758 RH , 30757 LH, 30514, 30852, 20812, and 30767

    Left hand shown.

    Window Operator Handing
    Right Handed Window
    Left Hand Truth Window

    As low as $108.11
  4. Truth Awning Operator 22.19

    Truth Awning Operator 22.19

    This Truth Awning Operator is usually used on vinyl clad or aluminum windows, and is fastened to the frame by two screws from the rear, which are 7" on center.

    Truth Part Number 22.19.xx.212

    As low as $107.33
  5. Truth Awning Operator 22.21

    Truth Awning Operator 22.21

    The arms stretch 21-1/2" across in the closed position. The housing is front side mounted with 4 screws. The spacing on the outside screws are 7" on center, and 6" on the inter screws.

    The Wi11454 handle in matching color is included with the operator along with the Sash Hook Wi20008.

    Color Chart
    Truth Color Chart

    As low as $108.78
  6. Truth Awning Operator 22.29 30896 31254 31255

    Truth 22.29 Awning Operator

    The Truth 22.29 is the rear mount awning operator, meaning the screws to mount it come in from the outside of the window frame. This usually means it is used on aluminum or vinyl clad windows. The arms measure 16-1/2" across in the closed position, or 16" elbow joint to elbow joint. The mounting screws are 7" on center. Common numbers found on the arms are 31254, 31255, and 30896. We only offer this operator in white.

    Truth Part #

    As low as $113.52
  7. Truth 42.65 Manual Skylight Operator - Angle Drive

    The Truth Skylight Operator-Angle Drive 4265 is easy to install on wood, metal or vinyl skylights. Gear reduction provides needed lift for sash weights up to 140 lbs. Steel chain is detachable at the sash for easy maintenance. The housing measures 2-3/4" wide by 10-3/4" long with a thickness of 7/8". We find the number 40966 stamped on the back cover.

    As low as $147.94
  8. Truth 42.75 Manual Skylight Operator - Straight Drive

    The Truth Skylight Operator-Straight Drive-4275 is easy to install on wood, metal or vinyl skylights. Gear reduction provides needed lift for sash weights up to 140 lbs. Steel chain is detachable at the sash for easy maintenance. The housing measures 2-3/4" wide by 10-3/4" long with a thickness of 7/8". We find the number 40966 on the back cover.

    As low as $147.94
  9. Truth 11.30 Awning Operator 11-3/8"

    Truth 11.30 Awning Operator 11-3/8"

    11-3/8" spread when in closed position.

    Includes sash hook and matching handle..

    Color Chart
    Truth Color Chart

    As low as $103.74
  10. Truth 23.54 Window Operator 30866

    Truth 23.54 Window Operator 30866

    A common number found on this operator is 30866

    4-1/2" long linkage arm, Ships with matching handle.

    Window Operator Handing
    Right Handed Window
    Left Hand Truth Window

    Color Chart
    Truth Color Chart

    As low as $108.11
  11. Truth 22.18 Awning Operator

    The Truth 22.18 Front Mount Awning Operator spreads 20-1/8 inches pin to pin on the arms when it is in the closed position. The Front Mount hole spaceing is 7 inches on the outside holes and 6 1/8 inches on the inside holes.

    As low as $126.13
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