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Truth is a window parts and accessories manufacturer that is highly respected and sought after worldwide. Truth window operators are some of the very best on the market today and we carry a full line of these products. The Truth window operators that we carry range from dual arm to dyad, from the Maxim line to the EntryGard line, and more. 

Window products that are manufactured by Truth can be used in both homes and buildings. There are several other distinguishing features of Truth window operators that may stand out to you while browsing our online selection. Let us know if there are any particular features you are looking for and we will point you in the right direction.

Home Window Repair is dedicated to providing the best in window parts and components and that includes a wide range of Truth window operators. Check out the various Truth window operators that you can purchase from us. 

To set you on the right path with your Truth window operator and accessory order, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales experts with your inquiries. Our staff would be delighted to set you up with some useful tips while you shop for the perfect style of operator for your construction task.

Truth Hardware Casement And Awning Operators

Before selecting your Truth window operator, it’s important to understand the difference between a casement window and an awning operator. Casement and awning operators both require a crank to be opened, but there are still a few differences between the two types of windows. 

You will find the hinges on a casement window on either the left side or the right side of it. Casement windows are longer vertically than horizontally. You will find many Truth casement window operators in this section of our website. 

We normally keep many Truth casement window operators in stock for our customers to conveniently purchase online. The 23.00 Truth Window Operator, the 23.01 Truth Window Operator, the 23.02 Truth Window Operator and the 23.03 Truth Window Operator are some examples of Truth hardware casement operators.

Awning windows are the opposite in those two previously mentioned features. The hinges are at the top of the window and the windows have more length horizontally. One awning window operator we sell is the Truth Awning Operator 11.10 30895. This is one of the most popular awning Truth window operators that we carry.

Please let us know if you are unsure of whether you require a Truth casement operator or one that was made for an awning. We can further help you to understand the difference between the two and from there guide you to a suitable purchase of the right product. 

Select Your Truth Window Operators

Truth window operators are manufactured by a respected name in the window industry known as Truth Hardware. We offer many styles of Truth window operators here at Home Window Repair, so be sure to take a look through our available options. Many of these Truth brand operators are designed to be used on casement windows.

One of the common Truth window operators that we sell is the Truth EntryGard Operator In Stainless Steel. The non-stainless-steel version of this is the Truth EntryGard Operator 20810.

For these particular window products, you will need to select a hand. In order to choose the correct hand, check to see whether your window lock is on the right side or the left side of the window. 

A lock that is on the left side of the window will indicate that you require a left-handed Truth casement window operator. A lock that is on the right side will indicate the need for a right-handed Truth window operator. 

While some of the Truth brand operators that we supply come in an assortment of color options, there are some that only have one color option available. One example of this is the 7-1/2” Truth Operator. Currently, this device only comes in the bronze color.

The 7-½” Truth Operator will be shipped out to our customers with a handle. You will have the option to choose between left hand and right hand when you order this specific piece of hardware. The device has a single long arm that is 7-½ inches, plus a nylon wheel.

Truth Casement Window Operator Replacement Parts

We have many Truth window operator replacement parts to choose from including Truth casement window cranks. Along with the casement window cranks from the Truth collection that we sell online, we also offer Truth handles and covers. 

One popular handle and cover set we carry is the Truth 12614 and 12616 Encore Handle and Cover. This set comes with the cover and the handle for the Dual Arm Truth Maxim Operator 50.10 and the WI5010.

Color options for this cover and handle set include white, gold, beige, coppertone, bronze and clay. The cover in this set is plastic whereas the handle in the set is made of die cast metal.

Don’t miss out on the rest of the covers, handles and cranks that we have for Truth hardware casement window operators. Be sure to check out our large selection of crank handles and more.

Truth Window Operator Experts

Are you in need of Truth window operators and parts for your awning or casement windows? If so, then you’ve come to the right place to do your online shopping. 

Tell our staff if you have any questions about Truth window operators and we will provide you with professional answers. Please call 1 (800) 642-2403 on weekdays during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with your questions and concerns regarding our supply of Truth window operators. Our staff will be available to answer your questions during this time and we have decades of professional expertise on Truth window operators. 

Our goal is that you receive the best Truth window operator for the construction project you have. We come together to make great strides every day to make sure our customers end up completely satisfied with their orders. Let us know what kind of operator you currently have in place and we will help you with figuring out which replacement operator or part will be best for you. 

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    Truth Entrygard Awning Operator 11.42

    Numbers usually found on this operator are 31545

    arms measure 12" across when in the closed postition

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