Tracks and Brackets

Truth Hardware is a well-known window repair parts and accessories manufacturer that is highly respected for their quality parts made from high-grade materials. The company makes a number of window parts including Truth window tracks and Truth window brackets. 

Here at Home Window Repair, we have been providing customers with the best options and solutions for tracks and brackets since 1970. We carry Truth window tracks and Truth window brackets because they are some of the highest quality in the industry today. We make sure that at at Home Window Repair you will always find the window parts that you need in order to maintain the windows in your home.

Truth Window Tracks

Our selection of Truth window tracks ranges from EntryGard and Maxim tracks to slide and roller tracks and more. See our product descriptions for further details on each Truth window track. Each Truth window track product has its own distinguishing features, so you will need to have a grasp on the exact item it is that you require in order to make proper repairs. 

Some Truth window tracks can only be used with certain operator styles. Take the Truth 32384 Maxim Track for example. This Truth window track should only be used with the 52.01, the 50.10 and the 50.00 window operators.

Truth Window Brackets

Truth window brackets are some of the other important window parts that we carry. These products also come in various styles and you will want to understand the differences between them before ordering. We supply a few styles of Truth stud brackets plus brackets from their EntryGard line.

Truth Stud Brackets

One popular item we carry is the Truth Stud Bracket 10558. This 2-¾ inch long part is to be mounted underneath the window.

The other Truth stud brackets we distribute include the Truth Stud Bracket 10552, the Truth Stud Bracket 10553, the Truth Stud Bracket LH 12510 and the Truth Stud Bracket RH 12511. The 10552 and the 10553 can be used on split arm operators that were made by the Truth Hardware company. The 12510 and the 12511 can be used on either dyad or split arm operators from the same brand.

Truth EntryGard Brackets

Don’t forget that we also have Truth window brackets from their EntryGard line. Each of these will also be used with specific operators. 

The Truth EntryGard RH Bracket 10796 and the Truth EntryGard RH Bracket 10403 are a few options that can be used with dual arm operators from the Truth EntryGard line. See our full list of Truth window brackets to find more information about the products we offer.

Your Order Of Truth Window Brackets 

You can always feel free to call us if you need any questions answered pertaining to Truth window tracks and Truth window brackets. You can reach us at 1 (800) 642-2403 or you can send us an email if that is your preferred method of contact. Please send your inquiries to so that we can provide you with our expertise on Truth window tracks and Truth window brackets.

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