Awning Window Operators

If you’re looking for an efficient and state-of-the-art awning window operator for your home or business, look no further than Truth Hardware. Since 1955, the manufacturer has focused on making awning window operators that allow the natural beauty of your awning to shine unobstructed. 

The Truth brand has remained a world leader in repair parts and accessories for home and commercial windows since they first launched over six decades ago. Truth awning window operators are among the best kinds of operators that you can buy. We are proud to be distributors of first-rate awning operators that were manufactured by the Truth brand such as Truth Maxim Awning Operators, Truth 11 Series Awning Operators and more.

Buy Truth Awning Operators Online

Truth Hardware manufactures several Truth awning window operator series and we carry many operators from these series here at Home Window Repair. Check out our wide assortment of Truth awning window operators. These Truth awning window operators can be conveniently purchased online from our site in a few clicks.

Truth Awning Operator 10 Series

We offer a few Truth awning window operators from their 10 Series. The four operators that we carry from this series are the 10.10 Lever Operator Single Pull Less Than 2 Inches, the 10.10 Lever Operator Single Pull More than 2 Inches, the 10.11 Lever Operator Double Pull Less Than 2 Inches and the 10.11 Lever Window Operator Double Pull More Than 2 inches. We have these 10 Series Truth awning window operators available in either bronze or gold.

Truth 11 Series Awning Operators

We carry five products from the 11 Series. One operator from this series is one of the most popular Truth awning window operators currently on the market. This is the 11.10 Truth Awning Operator. The length of the 11.10 Truth awning window operator is 21.5 inches. 

We also carry the 11.12 Truth Awning Operator which is 16.125 inches long and the 11.30 Truth Awning Operator which is 12 inches long. All three of these Truth 11 Series awning operators come in a few different colors that you can choose from on the dropdown menu when ordering. The package for these that you will receive will also include a handle and a sash hook.

The other products from this collection that we carry are the 11.14 Operator and the 11.16 Operator. The 11.14 is 25 inches long and the 11.16 is 24-3/4 inches long. The color options that we currently have for these are white, bronze and gold.

Truth Awning Window Operators 22 Series

The 22 Series Truth hardware awning operators that we offer that should be rear mounted are the 22.19 Operator and the 22.29 Operator. These Truth hardware awning operators will typically be installed on either aluminum windows or vinyl-clad windows.

The 22.19 comes in either white or bronze coloring. The 22.29 color option that we currently have available is white.

The other option is to purchase Truth hardware awning operators from their 22 Series that are front mounted. The options that we have available for front mounting are the 22.10 Operator, the 22.17 Operator and the 22.21 Operator

The 22.10 comes in aluminum, white or bronze. The 22.17 comes in either satin nickel or white. The 22.21 comes in white or dark bronze.

Truth Maxim Awning Operators

We carry one Truth awning window operator from their Maxim line. This is the 51.00 Truth Maxim Awning Operator that stopped being manufactured in 2019. Please note that we only have a few of these products. Once we run out of these Truth Maxim awning operators, we will be shipping the 51.10 Encore Truth Awning Operator in their place.

Encore Truth Awning Operators

The Truth awning window operator that we carry from their Encore line is the one that is mentioned above. Most of the body components on this operator are made of die-cast zinc and the arms are made of steel. These Truth hardware awning operators are strongly resistant to paint damage because they have been painted using an electrostatic coating method.

EntryGard Truth Hardware Awning Operators

Another option we have available is operators from Truth’s EntryGard line. Take a look at the three operators that we have from this product line. You can select either the 11.42 Operator, the 11.43 Operator or the 11.44 Operator depending on your requirements.

Truth Awning Operator Hardware

Aside from the large supply of Truth awning window operators that we sell online, we also sell some hardware for these devices. When making repairs to your windows, you can order your torsion bars, guide bars, guide bar clips and sash clips right here.

Truth Awning Window Operator Orders

Whether you are looking for a Truth 11 Series Awning Operator, a Truth Maxim Awning Operator or one from another Truth series line, we’ve got what you need. Contact us if you would like to get in touch so that we can answer your questions regarding these products. We will make it so that you receive the correct product the first time you order so that you won’t have to worry about exchanging it.

For quick answers, please call us at 1 (800) 642-2403. If you don’t feel like picking up the phone, you can send an email over to We are always very happy to be of help because it is our mission to keep all of our customers fully satisfied with every purchase.

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