Home Window Repair has been supplying customers across the U.S. with the best window parts and accessories for the last 50 years. We specialize in making sure that our customers have a wide range of window related items to choose from. That’s why we carry a full assortment of casement window handles for your home. 

Keep your windows safe and secure with casement handles from Home Window Repair. We offer some of the highest quality casement window locking handles in the home window industry today. You can’t go wrong with our extensive selection of well-made casement window locking handles and other assorted casement window hardware parts.

We distribute some of the most commonly used casement window locking handles that you can likely find on your home windows. Casement window locking handles will sometimes need to be replaced over the years. When you want to upgrade or need to replace one of these handles, you can visit our web store to order your new casement window locking handle. 

We ship casement window replacement parts such as casement window locking handles to Canada and anywhere in the United States. Some of the casement window locking handles that we distribute have a lead time of a week or a few days. The ones that are in stock, however, will be shipped same day when you order them on a weekday. 

Call us today in order to speak with one of our experienced sales consultants about buying replacement casement window locking handles for your residential windows. We are here Monday through Friday and are available to answer your casement handle questions on those days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feel free to connect with us during those times so that we can help get you on the right track to ordering the most suitable parts for your residential window repairs.

Order Casement Window Locking Handles Online

Our selection of casement window locking handles includes handles made by popular brands such as Truth, Fenestra and more. We have some great options for when you find you need to make a casement window handle repair. Take a look at our supply of casement window locking handles and their distinguishing features below.

Each of these casement window locking handles will feature a particular lock up dimension. A lock up dimension can be described as the distance from the inside of the closed hook to the back of the mounting plate on the handle.

Metal Casement Window Handles

Most of the casement window handles that we carry are constructed of some type of metal. These metals include cast white bronze, stamped steel, aluminum and die cast metal. 

Both the Casement Window Handle - 2-⅜ Inches and the Window Handle Casement Upper Handle 2-⅜ Inches are constructed of cast white bronze. They are both non-handed and have the same finish of brushed nickel. These two casement window handles feature a ½ inch lock up dimension.

We also distribute the Truth Window Handle 24.25. The previous version of this handle had some plastic components that could easily be broken. We sell the new model which is all-around constructed of durable zinc die-cast metal. 

You can check to see if this is the handle that you need to replace by searching for and locating the numbers 45268 or 45200 on your current handle. Plus, you can select your color: white, beige, bronze or clay. 

For extra-strength, heavy-duty casement window handle replacement, you can try the Fenestra Casement Handle In Steel. This handle is constructed of stamped steel and can be installed onto home windows with a steel frame that were manufactured by Fenestra. This is a handed casement window handle, so choose either right or left when ordering.

Aluminum Casement Window Handles

The aluminum casement handle that we sell is a popular item that can be installed on certain aluminum home windows that were made in the 70's. The Truth Casement Handle Aluminum - 2-⅜ Inches is constructed of powder-coated die cast metal. We offer this item with an aluminum finish, but you can also select a bronze or white finish if you so choose. This casement window locking handle is non-handed, so there is no need to worry about selecting right or left.

You can also purchase a Truth Casement Handle 24.23 from us. This casement window locking handle can be installed on certain aluminum home windows made in the 70’s, and it can also be installed on some wood and vinyl home windows that were manufactured in the same time period. It is constructed of die cast metal with your choice of an aluminum or white powder-coated finish. The lock up dimension for this casement window handle is ½ inch.

Don’t miss out on the rest of the handles that we have in stock for casement home windows. We have a variety of other casement handles that you may find are a better fit for your windows. Browse the rest of the handles that we have for sale for casement style windows in order to make certain that you decide on the most suitable handles for your casement home windows.

Call Casement Window Handle Professionals

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you come across anything that you don’t understand while shopping our online supply. We are happy to offer our extensive window hardware knowledge to help you find the right casement window locking handles for the windows in your home. We will stop at nothing to ensure that you are ordering the casement window locking handle that is the best fit for your replacement needs.

Please call our phone at 1 (800) 642-2403 or email with a description of your questions and concerns. We also provide the option of Live Chat on our website that you are welcome to send your inquiries to. Our professionals are ready to connect whether you choose to chat via phone, email or Live Chat. 

We like to make sure that you receive the right casement window locking handles the first time you place your order with us so that no returns or exchanges will be necessary. We strive to keep our customers satisfied with each order of casement window locking handles from our online window hardware store. Please allow us to lend a hand when you come up with questions regarding any casement window locking handles that we distribute.

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  1. Fenestra Window Handle-2-5/8"

    The Fenestra Casement Handle is very common on Fenestra Windows made in the 1950's.  Common markings on this handle are 2845 and Fenestra.  The handle has a 2-5/8" center to center dimension on the mounting holes, with a 9/16" lock up.  Cast white bronze construction with a brushed nickel finish.

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    As low as $82.50
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