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If you’re looking to replace the handles on your home windows, then you’ve come to the right place to order new ones. Here at Home Window Repair, we have a wide selection of handles for home windows that will fit your needs. One specific style of handle that we carry is inside glazed, angle base. 

You can trust that the inside glazed, angle base window handles we supply are of the finest quality. The angle base window handles that we carry are produced by reputable window hardware manufacturers in today’s window parts industry. We’ve been a top nationwide supplier of window handles since 1970, so you can depend on us to provide you with some of the best and most commonly used inside glazed window handles on the market today. 

Our customers are accustomed to finding a full range of window parts when they shop with us and that’s exactly what they will find when looking for angle base window handles. Begin by browsing our online selection to get started on your order of angle base window handles.

If you ever require assistance with picking out the angle base window handle that is best for your needs, we are only a phone call away. Give our professional expert sales team a call today or send us an email containing your angle base window handle inquiries. We are eager to help you find the inside glazed window handle that is the right fit for you.

Our Angle Base Window Handles Selection

We have a handful of angle base window handle styles to choose from right here on our online store. You can choose from different shapes, functions, hole spacing sizes, materials and colors among other features. If you are looking for an angle base window handle that was made by a specific manufacturer, then you’ve come to the right place because we distribute from a few notable brands in the industry today.

Many of the angle base window handles that we distribute are constructed of cast white bronze material and feature a brushed nickel-plated finish. This includes the Angle Base 1-⅛ Inch Hole Spacing Handle. This particular angle base window handle is handed, so you will have to determine whether you need to replace a left-handed or right-handed version.

A few other items we sell that are made of cast white bronze material with a brushed nickel-plated finish are the Angle Base Window Handle 1-⅜ Inch - ½ Inch Drop, the Angle Base Window Handle 1-⅜ Inch - ¼ Inch Drop and the Angle Base Window Handle 1-⅜ Inch - ½ Inch Drop With Ring Pull. Each of these inside glazed window handles is handed, so you can take your pick from right or left.

We also have some products made from the same material that were manufactured by the Kawneer brand. This includes the Kawneer Angle Base Window Handle 1-⅜ Inch, the Kawneer Angle Base Window Handle 1-¼ Inch and the Kawneer 1-¼ Inch Rounded Handle. These inside glazed window handles should all be used on windows that were made by Kawneer. Each of them comes in right-handed and left-handed styles.

We also carry angle base window handles that were manufactured by Truth Hardware. This includes the Truth Angle Base Window Handle 1-⅜ Inch. This product is often referred to as the Truth 25.39.

These inside glazed window handles are made of powder coated die cast zinc. Check the number on your current handle to figure out the hand that you require. If your handle says 45086, then you will want to order a right-handed replacement handle. If it says 45085, then you will want to order a left-handed handle. Finish options for this angle base window handle are aluminum and bronze.

Another type of handle we supply is the angle base window handle that should be installed on Kaiser home windows. The Angle Base Window Handle Kaiser, for instance, is a handed item that is made specifically for Kaiser home windows. Like many of the other inside glazed window handles we sell online, this one is made of cast white bronze and is topped off with a brushed nickel finish.

With these angle base handles and an assortment of other similar items, you can’t go wrong with the reliable products from Home Window Repair. Take a peek at the remainder of our inside glazed handles for windows so that you can be confident knowing that you are choosing the best suited product for your window repair requirements.

Ordering Inside Glazed Window Handles

Order your inside glazed, angle base handles for residential windows online today. We ship same day when the handle is in stock at our warehouse. Order today so that you can begin working on your home window repairs in no time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask us any questions you came up with during your search for your new angle base handle. Our window repair hardware professionals are equipped with decades of experience in the industry, and we have the knowledge and skills it takes to properly assist you with determining which angle base handles you will need.

We can be contacted via phone, email or Live Chat. Call our phone at 1 (800) 642-2403, email or head to the Chat Now box on our website and begin typing your inquiries. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction, so we are always more than willing to help out with orders.

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